CCTV Security Camera Services

Security cameras deter criminals and help police track down those who break the law. Therefore they are a necessity for many businesses. But they are also a proven means to protect your family, home and property. Extretech takes this responsibility seriously.

We will set up your CCTV security camera and alarm systems to record video and audio. Furthermore, you will be able to watch live or recorded footage from the convenience of your tablet, computer or smartphone.

When you choose Extratech you receive installation and ongoing support. Our team is qualified to choose the right camera for your office, yard or home. Furthermore, our trained workers are well-versed in both IP and Analog cameras. We understand the differences and features of these cameras including motion detection, zoom and intelligent search. Most importantly, we know where to set your cameras so you can get the most value from them and protect yourself against fraud, theft and other crimes.

A security camera is often the best way to deter criminals from invading your property. At Extratech, we adhere to the timeless philosophy that it is ‘better to be safe than sorry,’ and we aim to make you feel safe and secure with our proven technology and support.