Hello, I’m Binod. I know a ship is nothing without its captain. And a vision is nothing without hard work to support its fruition. Therefore, as CEO of Extratech, I see myself as a leader and visionary who turns dreams into reality through hard work. I come to this position with experience in computer science, IT services and mathematics. Since I was a teenager, I have founded and managed positions. Fortunately, I get to do what I love every day; managing products and services, helping businesses to grow, and improving user experience.

In just over a year, our carefully chosen team has tripled in size along with our services. We have satisfied clients across diverse industries. At Extratech, we endorse a dynamic work culture cultivating results and customer satisfaction. I am proud to lead my teams who have proven their dedication and skills by bringing this company so far in such a brief time. Our success has inspired me to constantly improve the way technology can help businesses to flourish and prosper.

Team Sydney

Team Nepal