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Extratech offers 6 to 15 weeks of training on:

  • Network and System Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Development (ReactJS)
  • Cyber Security
  • Accounting

It’s the combination of training and career counselling session. Step 1 training focuses on practical training to develop your technical skills. Step 2 career counselling is all about job searching assistance.

Enrollment is open to individuals looking to enhance their skills in IT and Accounting, whether they are newcomers to the industry or professionals seeking to upskill.

Prerequisites may vary depending on the program. Some programs may require a basic understanding of certain subjects or skills, while others are designed for beginners. We can suggest to you the relevant JRP depending on your prior knowledge.

To enroll in JRP or access our services, you can register through the website or contact us directly through the provided contact information.

JRP is a beginner friendly program. We provide training from the basic level to have a conceptual understanding of each topic.

Yes, it is. Trainees with a non-IT background can start a career in IT. We offer comprehensive training and guidance for certification to develop technical skills and enhance employability.

Career counselling sessions include:

  • Building and reviewing your resume and cover letter
  • Reviewing your LinkedIn profile
  • Providing job strategy and assistance
  • Guiding you through the job searching process
  • Conducting mock interview sessions (both behavioral and technical)
  • Preparing you for interviews
  • Assisting with business and professional email communication
  • Supporting you throughout the end-to-end job application process

Certainly, we will review your updated resume, and access your technical skills. If you meet the requirements, you have the option to bypass enrollment in the Job Ready Program and proceed directly to career counseling, where we can assist you and help you successfully land into IT or Accounting roles.

Yes, upon successfully completing the training, you will be eligible to seek employment opportunities in Australia.